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With the Apple One plan revenue boost that I am expecting, the Apple stock price prediction should go much higher than expected. The Apple stock price is growing nicely over the last year and I see bigger things going forward.

I am creating this Apple stock price analysis in the hopes that it shows the upcoming Apple One bundle that is being released soon. The Apple Iphone 12 will be a game changer as well. The video will show you a great deal of Apple stock price predictions base on the Apple Iphone 12 and the other announcements coming out in October.

I highly recommend subscribing to this channel to stay up on all things Apple moving forward, especially anything dealing with Apple stock price predictions. I have a ton of Apple stock updates. The Apple news has been very positive lately and gives us a chance to make a ton on it. The Apple stock price has been nicely consolidated at a point that I will be purchasing some this week. (Most likely Monday) The Apple technical analysis I did in the video should help investors make some money.

I think that the Apple stock price will be affected by the world stage of events, such as Covid and U.S. stimulus events. When we see Apple stock compared to others in the tech industry, I feel good about where the Apple stock price is going. Apple's growth rate should increase much more than the experts realize. I see the Apple Q1 earnings report surprising on the high side.

The Apple stock options could be a way to maximize your profits as well. I do not trade Apple options, but I know some do. Epic Games vs. Apple is another top issue that we need to watch. It will have an affect on Apple price predictions moving forward. Apple earnings will decrease if they lose the court battle. I fully expect them to win the court case though.

The AAPL stock price predictions out there should be increased in my opinion. I see AAPL stock forecast being much lower than they should be. The Apple Home devices are set to help with the Apple revenue for the quarter.

The Apple stock review and the Apple stock forecasts will be a guiding start for us and adding that position to any portfolio. I feel that Apple stock price is set to explode. I feel that the Apple stockholders will do very well moving forward.

Taking a piece of different components related to the Apple stock valuation and coming down with a nice Apple stock price is key. The Apple news that can be found by researching, can be an overload. I have completed in depth Apple stock analysis all about the future of Apple stock. (AAPL stock price) We will see what happens with the Apple Itunes store as well.

To finalize all the things we discussed about the Apple stock predictions for 2021 and further out, the Apple stock price will go higher by 20% in the next 12 months. (My prediction) If anything bad happens, then you could see less of a gain. I feel good about AAPL stock price and see only fantastic stuff moving forward. The Apple news has been flowing the right way and I think now is a good to buy Apple stock.

All opinions expressed in the video and this description are for entertainment only. You should consult a licensed professional before buying any stocks. Everything in this YouTube channel is for entertainment only. I also have affiliate links in this description that I can earn money off of to help support the channel.

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