Apple M1 chip MacBook Air 2020- unboxing & initial impressions- Blazing fast performance

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Unboxing the new M1 MacBook Air, checking out the box contents and initial impressions of the laptop. We will be having a look at the overall form factor and some other aspects like display, keyboard, Indian pricing and offers, form comparison with older Mac and current windows laptop, battery, etc. In case you don't want to watch the entire video, I am providing the time stamps below so you can skip to the part which you would like to watch

1. 00:00- 00:10- Intro
2. 00:11- 03:45- Unboxing
3. 03:46- 06:00- Initial Impressions
4. 06:01- 07:20- Comparison with older MacBook Pro and Windows laptop
5. 07:21- 08:24- India pricing and Offers
6. 08:25- 09:05- First Boot
7. 09:05- 11:11- Magic Keyboard
8. 11:12- 11:50- Display
9. 11:51- 12:55- Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front camera and speakers
10. 12:56- 13:36- App compatibility with Apple M1 systems
11. 13:37- 14:01- Battery
12. 14:02- 14:51- Best part about the M1 MacBook Air- it doesn't heat up!
13. 14:52- 15:09- Ending

I bought this MacBook to replace my older 15 inch MacBook Pro model, coming from that laptop this one feels quite ergonomic and snappy thanks to the M1 chip. This one is a good laptop for office work purpose, light photo & video editing, watching movies and browsing the internet.

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