2012 Blazing Fast MacBook Pro Upgrade Guide / SSD / Under $290 / (2011-2016 MacBook Pros)

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Upgrade your old MacBook Pro!!!

How to build a $1900.00 "Blazing Fast Speed" MacBook Pro computer for under $290. The video displays a 13" non-retina 2012 MacBook Pro but the process for all (2011 - 2016) MacBook Pros including the Retina Screens are very similar in the process of upgrading these units.

Listen, after the 2016 models Apple started soldering everything so the DIY upgrades will be limited after 2016. Take advantage of DIY high performance while you can.

This all inclusive video is a step-by-step how to guide on upgrading any 2011-2016 MacBook Pro. We use a (Midyear 2012) MacBook Pro in this video for this tutorial but the details needed to upgrade any 2011-2016 are covered in this video.

Learn how to upgrade your old MacBook Pro to deliver blazing speed and more power than most 2020 MacBook Pros. Observe the Blazing Fast Speed in this video after the upgrade and learn how to do it for less than $290. We will tell you where to purchase super power (1 TB SSDs) for under $150. Also where to purchase 16GBs of RAM for less than $85.

This video was design for people that have never done an upgrade on their on and for those that have limited computer knowledge.

Included in this video:
1) How to select the right SSD for your MacBook
2) How to run Time Machine Backup to clone your current system
3) How to install your New SSD Drive
4) How to format the New Drive
5) How to reload the cloned setup from Time Machine onto your new beast machine

We will show you how we saved $1,600 and created a beast of a machine that performs like a 2020 MacBook Pro. We added 16GB of Ram and 1 TB of Storage.
Learn to install like a professional.

You can find all the parts and tools needed in this video.

Replacing the SSD is "pretty" much the the same on all 13" & 15" Macbook Pro's with Retina and Non-Retina screen Units. Similar steps are also taken to replace the Memory and that will be covered in another video for greater detail. There are a few variances to replacing the SSD but this will be "similar" for any 2011-2016 MacBook Pro.

*Disclaimer. I'm not liable for any damage you do to your computer. Do this at your own risk*

Stay tuned for the next video in the "Blazing Fast MacBook Pro" project playlist.

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