Apple iPhone 12 Review | One Month Later

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Reviewing Apple's iPhone 12 one month after launch, after using it as my personal smartphone. Here's an in-depth look at the camera tech, gaming performance, battery life and iOS 14 experience of the vanilla UK iPhone 12 - stay tuned for Mini and Pro thoughts!

Big thanks to Sky Mobile for the review sample, you can grab this Apple handset from them at a 50% discount for Black Friday:

Although the specs aren't as impressive as the Pro/Max, this standard flagship is sure to make iOS fans happy. The camera has improved for low light shots, with a dependable night mode, and now Dolby Vision video support. You've got Apple's A14 chipset providing enough grunt for gaming on the go and everything else. And thankfully the iPhone 12's battery life is now better, so you can get through a day on each charge.

Of course, this expensive smartphone comes with plenty of caveats as usual. The 60Hz display pales in comparison to many far cheaper Androids, especially with that ugly moustache notch. And that old-school brick-like design is both ugly and uncomfortable to handle. While reviewing the iPhone 12 I also had issues with several apps, while the storage offering is miserly.

Have you been using Apple's big 2020 blower? Definitely share your thoughts below.
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