Apple iPhone 12 (Product Red) | Unboxing

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I finally got my hands on a new phone.
Upgraded from a dying iPhone 6s.

This time around, the Product Red isn't THAT in-your-face red (unlike the Iphone SE 2020)
In certain lighting, it has that peachy orange shade which is beautiful.

I'll be honest, I was originally going for the blue, but after I saw the blue in person, it didn't appeal to me as much as the red. (oh trust me, i love the color blue. My car is blue, my Apple Watch strap is now blue, my purse is blue, almost everything personal to me is blue.)

Somehow, the blue for the iPhone 12 just didn't attract me as much as the red, but hey..that's just me. Blue is awesome as well.

No charging brick and earphones this time. Not a big problem IMHO, you just gotta purchase it separately. (which isn't too expensive. RM99 from Apple, and multiple 3rd party brands like Anker, Aukey, Ugreen...etc..)

Got my Spigen Ultra Hybrid casing to go with the phone, and ESR screen protector.
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