All you need to know about the new Apple iPad pro. A true replacement for a Laptop!

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The iPad Pro 2020 answers our longstanding request by adding mouse and trackpad support in earnest.
The iOS 13.2 feature is cleverly designed to overcome the hurdles of adding cursor navigation to an operating system designed around touch.
the iPad Pro 2020 is a modest improvement to what was already the world's best tablet.
Performance gets a slight boost with the new A12Z Bionic chip and a new dual-camera system delivers stunning photos.
Perhaps the most interesting new feature is a lidar scanner, a depth sensor that makes AR apps more compelling.
The 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $999 for the Wi-Fi model with 128GB of storage.
You'll pay $200 each time you double the storage, so pricing is as follows: 256GB for $1,099, 512GB for 1,299 and 1TB for 1,499.
If you want cellular connectivity, the 4G LTE version costs $150 more than a Wi-Fi model with the same storage.
Our 1TB Wi-Fi + cellular review unit costs $1,649.
The Magic Keyboard should solve all of those problems when it arrives a few months after the iPad Pro.
Not only does it have a trackpad, but the backlit keys use the same scissor-style switches like the ones on the MacBook Air and
MacBook Pro (16-inch).
The accessory also flaunts a new "floating" hinge mechanism that uses ridged cantilevered hinges to hold the iPad Pro a few inches
off the surface for better viewing angles. From there, you can smoothly adjust the angle of the tablet by moving it up and down.
Unfortunately, these features come at a steep price.
Apple is going to sell the Magic Keyboard for — you should sit for this — a dizzying $299 for the 11-inch iPad Pro and $349 for the 12.9-inch version.
Bottom line
IPad Pro 2020 is the best tablet in the world.
It has a gorgeous display, blistering speeds, fantastic speakers, an improved camera, and even a new lidar sensor for next-gen AR apps. Yes, it's extremely expensive,
but no other tablet — not even the Surface Pro 7 — offers the same combination of performance and endurance.

Should you buy the new model if you already own the previous version? Probably not.
The best addition this year is trackpad support, but that feature will come to older iPads with iOS 13.2.
So will the upcoming Magic Keyboard, although a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard is a much cheaper solution.
Additionally, the A12Z Bionic chip in the new iPad Pro is a very modest upgrade, and battery life is worse than before.

If you don't already own a tablet, then the iPad Pro 2020 is the one to get.

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