Why I'm Keeping the iPhone 13 Mini • Long Term Review

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After 6 months of being in my pocket, I wanted to make a long-term review of the iPhone 13 mini, one of Apples biggest underdog phones that no one talks about and really most people should be.

The improvements over the iPhone 12 mini are huge and if you're looking for a one-handed iOS device with a great camera and long lasting battery - without breaking the bank - this is the phone for you.

I'll be talking to you about my experiences with the iPhone 13 mini over the last 6 months but beware - it's not all roses. I do feel like some corners were cut by Apple for the entire iPhone 13 lineup and I'll be going over that.

I’ll also be making a video going over how I get such good battery life out of this phone (including walkthroughs and screenshots) to give you an idea on what to do with yours!

00:00 Introduction
02:35 Form Factor
04:01 Camera Setup
04:44 Oops...
05:21 Battery Life
07:18 No TouchID (In Display or Otherwise)
08:24 No Always On Display (AOD)
09:43 No USB-C
10:38 Closing Thoughts
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