PIZZA BUTTON? -- Mind Blow #39

Watch my newest video, "The Problem Newton Got Wrong": Vsauce2 Merch: *** LINKS *** 10-Story Treehouse Guitar Pee Poo-Powered Rickshaw Story: Flying Car Viper Battlestar Galactica Simulator Site: $8,000 Dog Stair Lift Musical Jello (Noisy Jelly) VIP Fridge Magnet Robot Handshake Telepresence Videoconferencing System Graphene Bacteria Tooth Sensor Smart Sand & Robot Pebbles 1st Person Bomberman An App For Talking With Apes (Bonobo Chat) Digit_Grid Lumpy The Hutt by Maris Wicks ********************************************************************************* Ending Music by Jake Chudnow Opening Animation by Rickonami
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