The 8-CORE Raspberry Pi Killer: ODROID XU4Q with CloudShell2 Case - Assembly

The Raspberry Pi got us all very excited about making our own little mini computers, but they're slow and dated. Let's look at the ODROID XU4Q SBC which has a whopping 8 cores, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, eMMC, USB 3.0 and gigabit Ethernet. Put that inside a CloudShell2 case for a 2-drive SATA RAID backplane with a 2.8" color display in a sleek package. This makes for the most gorgeous and powerful DIY NAS server we've seen yet! *** Important Correction *** The ODROID XU4 supports 1080p video output over HDMI (not 4k). XU4 vs. Raspberry Pi 3 - Price and Performance: The ODROID XU4 is TWICE the price of a Raspberry Pi 3. However, it is roughly FOUR TIMES the power (based on MIPS) with twice as much RAM (and faster RAM at that), plus the XU4 optionally supports eMMC and external hard drives (USB 3.0 if you don't want to buy the backplane shown in this video). To be clear: the XU4 DOES support SD cards as well if you'd like, and you'll still have significantly more horsepower. The term "Raspberry Pi Killer" is used tongue-in-cheek, but truly, if you're looking for a more powerful SBC than what the Pi offers, this is some GREAT kit for the price. Of course, the Pi is also amazing -- just useful for different projects that don't require the power of the XU4. Followup Video "NOT a PI KILLER": Part List: - ODROID XU4Q: - ODROID XU4Q Power Adapter (NOT SHOWN IN VIDEO - ONLY REQUIRED IF NOT BUILDING CLOUDSHELL 2 NAS ENCLOSURE): - ODROID CloudShell2 Case: - ODROID CloudShell 2 Power Adapter: - ODROID Realtime Clock Battery: - ODROID eMMC with Linux: - SSD Backplane-Compatible Mount Kit: Think it's too big?
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