The Land of Dinosaurs and Stone Trees

Bizarre roadside creations, Ancient Petroglyphs, Petrified trees, Dinosaurs everywhere, Route 66, Concrete Teepees... The land of Dinos and Stone Trees - Route 66 in Northern Arizona, the area from The New Mexico border to Holbrook seems like boring flat desert when you rush through on I-40, but as we're about to see this land is full of epic history going back millions of years! First stop Chief Yellowhorse trading post to see my Friend Scott Yellowhorse who hooked me up with the RADdest Route 66 present of all time, and then on to Stewart's petrified wood (and bizarre homemade dinosaurs!) where we feed VERY vigorous Ostriches! Then a quick peek at the good Wigwam village and Rainbow Rock shop before we head to territory we've never explored, the Petrified Forest national park and the Painted Desert!

It's Another Randomland Adventure!

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