The Hated Child Becomes Famous | Full Mini Movie | OLD | COMMENTS TURNED OFF

Giving Credit to All Songs Involved in this Video Belongs to their Rightful Owners.
Non Edited Version Time : 1 H and 36 Seconds
Edited Version : 29 Minutes and 36 Seconds
Thank you for 35 Subscribers!
Taking a 1 Week Break Again
(Because of Exams, 2 More Weeks and Exams are Here!)
Good Luck for the Ones that are Taking Examinations!! 👍
Apps Used :
PhotoDirector (For Thumbnail and Design)
Google Chrome (Background of Thumbnail)
Gachaverse (Literally)
Gacha Studio (Literally Again)
Piano Song : The Greatest Showman - Never Enough Piano Version
Giving credit to all Song Owners
Yesh, I had 35 Subscribers when I made this movie UwU
I know yall are complaining about this movie and loving it (while its trash)
Im currently remaking this movie. I started on February 7 of 2019. ;-;
Now is 17 September. I got exams dont judge me.