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Here is the story of the convicted child rapist named Leo Echegaray. Echegaray was the first Filipino who was sentenced to death through lethal injection after the reinstatement of death penalty in the Philippines in 1993. He was accused of molesting and raping the 10-year daughter of his live-in partner on April 1994. There was speculation that he might have been innocent but the lower courts said that he was the “confirmed lover” of the victim’s mother so he falls under the “common-law spouse” stated in the death penalty law. Echegaray was executed on February 5, 1999 and his last words were:
"Sambayanang Pilipino, patawarin ako sa kasalanang ipinaratang ninyo sa akin. Pilipino, pinatay ng kapwa Pilipino."
("People of the Philippines, forgive me of the sin which you have accused me. A Filipino, killed by fellow Filipinos.")

Echegaray did not admit the accusation against him until his last breath. His death has brought debates on the legality and morality of death penalty. There were massive demonstrations on the street and nuns and priests also protested. But Former President Erap Estrada had a strong decision at that time which is to continue the execution so that it will serve as warning to other people. On April 15, 2006, Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed the Republic Act No. 9346 which abolished the death penalty.

Let’s watch the unfortunate story of a convicted child rapist, Leo Echegaray and we hope that you will learn something about this video.

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