The Mutants in Chernobyl.

During the long years of background radiation. Nature and all living near the Chernobyl NPP under the influence of radiation mutates. Sometimes mutations both acquire mutations terrible shape. This is the first video proof mutating animals living in a large area. Which, after the Chernobyl NPP accident left people. Perhaps it moose. Сhanged beyond recognition under the influence of radiation. The Mutants near nuclear reactors 4 in Chernobyl. Ukraine, Chernobyl 17/09/2005 Donate Channel: BTC - 18wP1brhwZCdfjSpz2wDTKPzx71xYzaPcx ETH - 0xB3ba43ffa766bF418a3233cEe8C63c04bCC8Eccf
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