The Nebraska Zephyr Takes a Curve on 9-23-2012

We're just southwest of Buda, Illinois along the BNSF Mendota subdivison as the Sunday excursion run of the CB&Q 9911A and The Nebraska Zephyr trainset speeds by. The brilliant blue sky is reflected by the highly polished train.

The train speed was continually updated on a web page. The IRM thoughtfully placed a GPS receive on board the train that transmitted the location, speed and direction for all to view on a web page. It updated about once a minute. I had wireless internet available and watched the train's progress. Immediately after the train ran by, I looked at the web page and it showed a location on the curve with a speed of 83 mph. Does not seem right to me, but that is what is showed.

Clips from only two cameras are shown although three captured the action. IA three camera version is here: http://youtu.be/k2fSbuf76Dc?hd=1

Here is my Nebraska Zephyr playlist which includes my videos from from this and last year. http://goo.gl/GqCIL