How to approach Ukrainian or Russian girl. ONE SECRET for simple pick up

Subscribe for information How to Find Ukrainian Girl without Marriage Agency - Meet Ukrainian Ladies Online - Contact me: Page of my blog in FB - My personal FB page - Instagram - olgareznikova Twitter - For business correspondence - Hi everyone! I think the question: "How to find a Ukrainian girl?" is the most popular question which I have ever heard from my YouTube friends. I tried to give you the best answer, but actually I didn't know what to answer you. And now, after a 2 years, I think I am ready to give answer on this very complicated question. First of all you need to understand that pick up of any woman depends from you. Once time I saw some program about marriage scammer (man), and he told that he picked up woman everywhere. He just had talent to pick up girls, and he did it everywhere and in every occasion. So it depends from you. If it's easy for you to hit on woman, you don't need to care how to find girl in Ukraine. I bet woman are the same everywhere. They all ready to similar things. But if it's not easy for you in general, Ukrainian girls will not be exclusion. Anyway, I think a lot how to help you to find Ukrainian girl, and I got answer! So read now very intently. First of all, you need to define which type of girl do you want to find? Girl for one night or family oriented lady? Because the way how to look for them is different. Girl for one night How to find her? I think very easy. Just visit the most popular night clubs in Kyiv for foreigners, karaoke bars, restaurants.. And you will easily find a girl which will be ready to spent a night with you. I think that those times of girls exist in every country and they attend the same places. Family oriented lady But most of guys are looking for family oriented lady, right? Where to find her? Here is one important thing which you need to know about those girls. Ukrainian girls, and Ukrainians in general, are not open for strangers, like brazilians, for example. They are very cold from the first look. What do foreigners like to do? Just stop girl on the street and say: "Hi! I want to be your friend". What do the girl think about you? Just that you are crazy man. So stopping people on the street is a definitely crazy idea! You can find just money seaker or scammers. Yes, those time of girls will be happy to easily start a conversation with you, but not family oriented lady. Because mostly time foreigners are looking for girl for one night using this way. So Ukrainians are not open to be friends with the first stranger on the street. But Ukrainians are always ready to help people! So what should you do? Just ask for help! For example.... How to hit on Ukrainian girl on the street? You stay in the downtown of Kyiv.. Find the subway station, than go 200 meters or more away from it, and looks for a girls which are going to that direction. After that try to make confusing face and start conversation with her. You can ask: "DO you speak English?".... If she said yes, so continue: "I am looking for a subway station.. I know that it's somewhere here but I can;t find..." Most of the girls will be happy to help you! And she is going to the same direction, she will probably say that come with me I will show you. And after that everything up to you! You will have few minutes to make her interested in you! How to hit on Ukrainian woman in the shopping center Shopping center in Kyiv is a great place to make new friends, because they are very big! SO you can start conversation on that way: DO you speak English?? Oh , I am from USA, Canada, China or any other country.. I am looking for some Ukrainian souvenir.. DO you know where I can buy it? Or do you know if there are some shops where I can buy it? Again, most of girls will be happy to help you! If not - why you need this lady, if she even don't wan too help anyone in hard situation? :))) There can be a lot of examples and I will make a lot of other videos, but I think you understand the point. You need to ask for help, not for being friends! And in that case you will be very successful with looking for Ukrainian girl.
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