Minecraft Dinosaurs! || 319 || Sarcosuchus in the park!

Minecraft Dinosaurs is a series exploring the Fossils and Archaeology mods different models, interactions, and love for dinosaurs in the blocky world of minecraft.

We create a temp enclosure for our new sarco which we got from Wyntr, and then after hatching it, go looking for a missing Mr. Mocking Cow.

▶World download for the 300th episode special!
Note: If you get stuck in the wrong dimension, just build a nether portal ;)

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Minecraft Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park in a blocky world.
JurassiCraft 1.4.5
Fossils and Archaeology Revival Mod. 1.7.10 build 7.2.1
Also using Atum 1.7.10 build 6.60 and Colorful Portals