The Crusoe of Lonesome Lake

Well, this journey was an eye-opener into the amazing story of Ralph Edwards and his 'kids'.
We shot this in 1988 and stayed at the Edwards cabin on Lonesome Lake.
John Edwards helped us a lot, and unfortunately he died in 2007 from cancer.
We played previous television programs of the 'Crusoe' for the first time ever in the homestead. John, his sister Trudy and her husband Jack watched courtesy of a battery powered monitor. There was never any electricity at Lonesome Lake.
This remarkable family carved a life out of the British Columbia wilderness (1912+) and along the way, saved the Trumpeter Swans from extinction and learned how to fly...all of them! (The Edwards' and the swans)
This documentary was a 'trip' to shoot and again made me closer to the god of nature.
Terry Glecoff wrote and hosted, and also wrote and played the great music on his computer credited as 'The Nimpo Symphony'.
Rick Warren shot it and my good friend Dan Noon was Co-Producer. Greg Scofield did the sound and Paul Wong was my fantastic editor.
Unfortunately the Edwards homestead burned to the ground in 2004 in a giant forest fire...Nothing remains except the 4 published books from the Edwards' journey, the memories, and our documentary.
I recommend the NEW book 'Packtrains and Airplanes' by Trudy (Edwards) Turner.