WE FOUND REAL GOLD TREASURE IN OUR SWIMMING POOL!!! Treasure X Challenge & Huge Gold Pinata Smash!

Evan and Jillian find a treasure chest! They must use their wit to get through challenges & 10 levels of Treasure X! Treasure X on Amazon! https://amzn.to/2uSiqIr This is a paid advertisement for Moose Toys.

Official Treasure X trailer HERE: https://youtu.be/gsobSo8BqHU

Treasure X is the ultimate surprise ­reveal with a multi­-layered reveal process, cool collectible figures, and the chance to find REAL treasure! Rip, Fizz and Chip away to reveal the layers and discover the secrets hidden within!

Every Treasure X brick contains 10 levels of adventure, and 24 cool collectible treasure hunters and treasures to collect...including 8 ultra rare gold- dipped treasures!

Treasure X has 10 Levels of Adventure:

1. Find The Map
2. Rip the Gold Layer
3. Use the Coin on your quest
4. Soak in water for 30 seconds.
5. DIG and Chip the Rock
6. Discover Bones and Weapons
7. Build Your Treasure Hunter
8. Find the Treasure Chest
9. Add water to Fizz! 10. Reveal your treasure

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