Route 66 TV S3 E1 "One Tiger to a Hill" [opening scene]

Aired in: 21 Sep., 1962

The boys arrive at a fishing town called Astoria, OR, answering an ad to work on a fishing boat for Spring Chinook, "King Salmon of the Columbia" (river).
The boat is owned by a widow that also owns an inn and has a beautiful blonde daughter, who is in love with another fishing boat operator, a drunkard troublemaker picking fights with everyone. Tod likes the daughter, who gives him some slack, and then he finds himself in an undesirable love triangle with dire consequences.
We can see here why David Janssen was given his own series a couple of years later.

So Maharis is back for S3, after being AWOL for the last 3 shows of S2, and this time he is not the one thrown into the water! They used a stunt double here.

The grounded boat is the Peter Iradale, wrecked in 1906, and it is still there! (you can check it out on Google Earth by searching for: Wreck of the Peter Iradale.)

The Major Hoople's Boarding House was on 193 Bond Ave. and began as a private residence for the John T. Ross family circa 1888, and now is the Ocean View Apartments.
The piers have been torn out.

Bumble Bee began in Astoria in 1899 and the cannery shown was shut down in 1980, and now is a museum on Pier 39.
The high shot was taken from the top of the Astoria Column, and the canoe seen is Chief Comcomly Memorial, overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River. These are still just as on the show.

Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Stirling Silliphant
Cast: David Janssen (1930-1980), Signe Hasso (1910–2002), Laura Devon (Dr. Kildare) (1931–2007)