HBO John Adams - Alexander Hamilton takes Jefferson to school

From a commenter about why Washington is short w/ Adams at the end:
"The reason Washington gives Adams a severe tone when he says "Mr. President, nothing more." Is because earlier Adams was fighting to change the name of the President to, something more formal. For Example, "Your Majesty the President." Adams may of been influenced by some of the European Cultures, such as the French. Of course, it ends up being denied, and thats where Washington's response comes in."
Also, the VP had even less power than the VP does today. The Secretary of State and obviously here, the Secretary of Treasury were much more important. Adams was frustrated at his role.

Comments on this video disabled because people couldn't stop saying they're glad Hamilton was killed. Welcome fans of Hamilton the musical.

Hamilton, who was always ahead of the curve, tells Jefferson why the newly formed United States needs a Treasury and centralized government in the HBO miniseries, John Adams. Jefferson always suspected Hamilton and the Treasury were corrupt, but upon ascending to the presidency, his own Secretary of Treasury, Albert Gallatin, called it the most perfect system ever formed and any changes would be devastating. Jefferson had no choice but to cede to Hamilton's system.

For more on Hamilton, pick up Ron Chernow's brilliant biography on one of the great patriots of all time.