XOXO FRIENDS - Toy Makers Studio Escape Room Challenge

#ad This is a sponsored video.
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Addy and Maya are at the Toy Makers Studio and, with the help of their fans, are naming all of their new cute and adorable toys! Lucy is expecting a special delivery of the prototypes but the Toy Vandal has some tricks up her sleeve. She locks all of the doors of XOXO Toy Company and gives the girls an escape room challenge where the silly kids have to hurry to solve secret clues in order to identify the "rare" characters. But time is ticking...if they can't figure out the Toy Vandal's clues in time, they will miss their Target and Walmart pitches! Will Addy and Maya solve the clues in time? You'll have to watch to find out.

Music credits:
Pool Party by New Wave Sounds
Sinister by Cody Martin
There Comes a Time by Adrian Walther
Jasmine by Mike Arnoult
Jokes on You by Bryant Lowry
Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes
Zing Boom by Avocado Junkie
Make Way for Duchess by Hill
Double Agent by Hill
Sweet by OBOY
Move by OBOY
Extra Chese Please by New Wave Sounds
Escape by OBOY
Sets Me Free by Matt Wigton
Give by OBOY
Up by OBOY
Some Time Neon by Matt Wigton
RIVLZ by Matt Wigton
Heads up Buttercup! By Neon Beach
Brand New by Nitro
Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds