How to use a telescope- Lesson One

Further information for beginners can be found by highlighting and clicking on my link below: Using eyepieces. Very basic equipment on a budget. This is a" Konusmotor-114 Electronic equatorial telescope". 900mm focal length and 114mm parabolic mirror diameter. It comes with a battery powered 9vDC motor to track the moving celestial objects. It comes with two eyepieces and is best used at medium power i.e 50x or 100x at most. A "Mustek digital camera" with a"night shot option" for long exposures. I took a few quick raw shots of Saturn with the Mustek camera put to the eyepiece and used the camera screen to focus the shot. Never look at the sun with a telescope- it will blind you. You can also use binoculars and star charts for star gazing and sit on a deck chair outside but wrap up warm! You will see some of the moons of Saturn if you use medium power eyepieces in this telescope. The moon Titan has been visited by a space probe.
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