Plarail JR trains, JR Shinkansen, Chuggington Train ☆ Tomica Building ☆ bridge Tunnel course

Today I made an amazing course using a lot of train toys. The subway straight rail, two bridges, Takara Tomy Tomica Building, action station and so on. Trains are the Chuggington series action Chaggar, Wilson, Blue Star, Frostini, Coco, Foot & Toot. Japan's trains are also opened by opening Shinkansen Komachi, Kintetsu sightseeing limited express Shimaze, Fuji Express 8500 Series Fujiyama View Limited Express, E235 Yamanote Line, etc. from the box. In addition, the new 800 series Shinkansen 6-car formation set will also appear. Tomica products give children imagination and wisdom.
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