CAR FACTORY: Porsche Macan Production Plant HOW IT'S MADE

CAR FACTORY: Porsche Macan Production Plant HOW IT'S MADE

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On the assembly line, we turn the Cayenne, Panamera and Macan bodies into vehicles that are in a class of their own. Meeting our customers' wishes and desires is our priority here. Hardly any of our vehicles are identical, because at Porsche we offer a degree of customization which is usually only found in manufacturing.

In up to three shifts a day, our colleagues produce models with gasoline and diesel engines but also hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. To guarantee efficient, high-capacity production in the face of such complex tasks, professional logistics is key. Consequently, we rely on a "just-in-sequence" strategy (JIS), which means that the sequence of vehicle bodies delivered to our factory corresponds exactly to the production sequence. System suppliers deliver pre-assembled and model-specific components at the same time. As a result, we can implement the proven concept of lean inventories.

The assembly line at the Porsche factory in Leipzig is divided into pre-assembly and final assembly: The bodies of Macan and Panamera are put together in the pre-assembly. All three models then go through the final assembly, also called the mix line. Since the Cayenne already arrives in a pre-assembled condition, it will only go through this final production stage in Leipzig. The final assembly is also the area where one of the highlights of the entire production process takes place: the "marriage". This is the point when the drivetrain – made up of the engine, transmission, axles and exhaust system – meets its corresponding body just at the right moment and the two are bolted together.

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