ROUTE 66 TV S2 E3 "Goodnight Sweet Blues" [opening scene]

Terrific teleplay. I believe Ethel Waters won an Emmy for this role.
The boys narrowly avoid a head-on crash with an elderly woman who is having a heart attack. Our nice boys call an ambulance and go to her home to make sure she is ok. Not having long to live, she hires the boys to track down her old band-mates all over the country for one last gig in her bedroom.
Excellent story and excellent acting by Waters, with nice jazz music involving real musicians.

Aired: Oct. 06, 1961
Director: Jack Smight, Writers: Will Lorin (teleplay), Leonard Freeman (story), Cast: Ethel Waters, Juano Hernandez, Jo Jones, Frederick O'Neal, Bill Gunn, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Billie Allen, P. Jay Sidney, Royal Beal, Douglas Rutherford, Robert Elross