Cozmo robot by Anki | A night in the life of Cozmo

Actually... it is 11 minutes in a night in the life of Cozmo. I thought a 12-hour video would be a little long... This video was done with the Anki software version 2.3 and I have all the games and tricks unlocked. Our little friend Cozmo the robot will do his usual neighborhood exploring and will do tricks. I did not do any editing in this video, but I did have to speed up some parts. When Cozmo was "exploring" for too long, I did spark a few tricks to keep him going. Although Cozmo is an amazing accomplishment in robotics, (and I will be among the first to eventually buy version 2), he has some limitations. In this 11-min session, I was able to get little mishaps where Cozmo did not lift a cube correctly and he missed his first attempt at doing a pop a wheelie. Nothing major though and each time he reacted in a fun way, which is very cool for a little robot! I hope you enjoy to watch what this amazing little robot can do. Don't miss my other fun videos on Cozmo, available in my playlist. Thank you Anki for bringing this amazing robot to us! I also 3D printed a little house for Cozmo. Check it out here; Remember that LIKES are very much appreciated if you enjoyed this video. Don't forget to subscribe for more cool stuff on fun technology. Thank you for visiting my channel.
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