Road Test: 2016 Audi RS 7 - 5 Door Fury

There’s no doubt that Audi has built some beastly beauties over the years. And truth be told, we can’t get enough of them. So, of course we got a little giddy when Audi delivered a long, dark, and handsome RS 7 for us to try out. What’s gotten our automotive hearts all aflutter? Let’s find out. Audi has long had their own unique take on the German sport sedan theme; basing it on front rather than rear-wheel drive chassis; and while seeing it mature, we’ve grown to really enjoy their approach. While they have plenty of models to choose from, it’s this 5-door supercar RS 7 that we’ve taken a particular shine to. When unleashed for 2014, it was the most powerful Audi you could get; eclipsing even the R8. Of course since then, a new R8 has upped the ante; so this 2016 RS 7 gets a host of updates to stay in the game, and placate those enthusiasts that always expect more performance. The RS 7 is, of course, a high output version of the A7; and along with the middle-child S7, all get new front fascias for ’16 with full LED headlights. In kind, the rear is updated with new taillights above, and trapezoidal exhaust tips below... Complete Road Test:
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