Soylent Review - Lazy Man's Diet


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As a naturally lazy man, it's important for me to find nutritious food that is easy to make, cleanup, and consume. Enter Soylent. This stuff is has been designed from the ground up to provide exactly what your body needs without any extra sugars, artificial flavoring, or fluff. When you look at the labeling you can see each portion is designed to give you 33% of your daily recommended intake.

I've been using Soylent as a quick and easy way to consume calories, when having a meal isn't the most important thing. Typically it's replacing my breakfasts and very busy lunches, when I'm too busy to step away from the office. On occasion it'll be a dinner meal, but those days are rare. Depending on how many calories you need to consume daily, a meal's cost will be between $3 and $4.

The flavor is pretty bland to savory. To me, I taste a good bit of oily flavor to it. It's best consumed cold and drinking it with fresh tap water isn't the best. That being said, it's palatable and can be drunk regularly.

Check it out.