Developing a concept ferrari/ lamborgini design. JZ COBRA STEALTH

A full size concept for the streets. Here is a speed up time-lapse of the JZ Cobra - a Ferrari/Lamborghini hybrid Concept car for those that requested it. This JZ Cobra Concept was designed and built using clay sculpting or clay moulding to get the shape. The JZ Cobra concept uses a Toyota Supra chassis to build upon and therefore is sometimes referred to as a reshell. All clay work and design done by Russell Dennis. JZ COBRA CONCEPT Total hours to design this concept and build it ready for paint was 1545 hours. That is all the exterior work from the front all the way to the back and includes all the design work and all the clay sculpting and all the fiberglass and carbon work. If you like this design I can build a copy for anyone interested. I made a set of moulds for this build and so can send you a fiberglass Shell/body so that you can build one or I can do the whole job for you.
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