5 things I HATE: Sony a7R IV

UPDATE IN DESCRIPTION BELOW. The Sony a7R IV (http://sdp.io/a7R4) is, for me, the greatest camera ever made... but it's also DEEPLY flawed. In this video I count through my 5 biggest complaints so you can decide for yourself whether you can live with the problems BEFORE you spend thousands on a new camera. If you really want to IMPROVE your photography, invest in education, not gear. Stunning Digital Photography (http://northrup.photo, 10% coupon code 'youtube') is the #1 photography book in the world and gives you 14 HOURS of video. We also have video books on Photoshop, Lightroom, and Portrait Photography. UPDATE: You CAN program the back dial to do exposure compensation - Camera 2, page 9, first Custom Key, set 1 to Exposure Comp. Then, just lock the EC dial at 0. The reason I thought you couldn't do it is that Camera 2 , page 10, “Dial Ev Comp” lets you pick the front dial or the rear dial to act as exposure compensation, but not the d-pad rear dial, so I assumed it wasn’t an option. It's another example of poor design in the menu system: there are two menu items in different places that do almost, but not exactly, the same thing.
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