Adding HDMI to the AV Famicom

In this epic installment, Lord Voultar engages the Hi-Def NES kit in Mortal Kombat. Covered in clear detail: Capacitor removal and installation, main-board preparation, PPU/CPU desoldering/soldering techniques and a bunch of other good info. There's very basic case tooling instruction. I show you some simple techniques for shaping out a clean and leveled cut-out for your HDMI port. I only show the BASIC process, and I don't show all of the finish work for dialing it in perfectly. The idea is to simply give you the knowledge and technique's needed for you to find your own way. I will eventually do a case-tooling video and show this process from start to finish. Remember to like and subscribe and put those comments down below! Follow me on Twitter! My Store:
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