15 SPORTS FANS THAT TOOK IT WAY TOO FAR I dont have to tell you all that sports fans can be insane and over the top, with emotions high fans have been known to do a lot of stupid disprespectful and over the top things, today we’re going through 15 SPORTS FANS THAT TOOK IT TOO FAR This first video was taken during an ordinary football match, but some fans went way too far in this game lighting up flares and fireworks and throwing them at players on the pitch injuring some of them, they people who threw these flares were banned and some were even charged This next nfl game was interrupted when a fan grabs one of the players, the guy is literally not letting the nfl players move, the opponents of the player the fan grabs then high fives the fan as if to say thanks for the help This next clip was during a baseball game, in this match the batter hits the ball to the far right, one of the fielders is just about to catch the ball but just before he does a fan catches it instead, the fielder then goes completely mad In this next football clip the game hasn’t even ended and hundreds of fans decide to run onto the pitch, ruining the game and destroying the pitch, there were nowhere near enough security to stop everyone and it took hours to get everybody off the pitch afterwards This next moment comes from an arsenal Football Club fan who throws a water bottle on the pitch in hopes to hit dele alli a tottenham player, and it actually does, stopping the game for a minute while he confers with the referee This next sneaky fan sneaks ina whistle in this nba game, in this moment the fan uses the whistle to make the players think the referee has stopped play, which he hasn’t, this actually allows one of the teams to easily score completely ruining the game This leeds united fan interrupted this football match by running onto the pitch and actually punching the goalkeeper sending him to the floor interrupting the game while medics look to see if he is ok, this is the worst thing you can do as a spectator This next moment is actually quite funny and also quite adorable even though it was completely inappropriate, this boxing match shows one of the boxers taking a brutal beating taking punch after punch, the beating was so fan that the boxer’s mother jumps into the ring to stop the boxer doing anymore damage and starts attacking the boxer This next boxing match was also interrupted by something very strange, there was a man with a parachute in the crowd, im not sure if he actually gilded towards ringside or not but the fan stopped the boxing match and had to be escorted away by security This next 93rd minute goal in a spanish football game was actually disallowed because a fan comes onto the field with his own football and plays by himself and scores his own personal goal, this single guy made a whole team miss out on a draw This next nfl fan actually pretends to be a referee making fans players and even the real referees confused for a second until they finally realise and the fan runs off before being chased and escorted away by security This next fan actually snuck a laser pointer into the game and uses it to blind these nfl players, these are illegal in schools let alone in huge sports arenas so this fan if he was caught could have been charged with a huge fine for interrupting the game and causing damage if it goes into a players eyes This next pitch invader was charged with assault after he punches this aston villa football player jack grealish, all because he scored the winning goal, the fan quickly ran over to jack and hits him from behind before being escorted away by security This next clip is actually insane showing a football fan who runs onto this football pitch and blocks a shot from going in the goal,, the players get so annoyed that they actually chase him into the tunnel which the players come out from but they cant catch him This next fan was caught actually invading the pitch at an nba game and the help of one of the players is needed to take him down, but what makes this invasion funny is that he was wearing a ridiculous all red suit making him stick out completely
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