New Report: Toxic Vegan Protein Powder? +BCAAs Examined

A look at the Clean Label Project's recent report exposing the heavy metal content of popular protein brands plus a look at BCAAs, if they work, and their potential risk. Free Mastering Diabetes Summit! - Links and Sources - - @micthevegan My Cookbook: TIY Tiny House Channel: Clean Label Project Protein Powder Report: Chris Beat Cancer on Report: Lead in Chinese Tea: New York Times on Tea: Lead Tea Report: MY BONE BROTH VIDEO: Organic Chicken Bone Broth Lead Study: 95% of POPS in the diet enter the body via animal fat. FDA Lead Limit: Pro BCAA Study Funded by Industry: "Scivation Inc. Leader in (“BCAA”): Critical Review of BCAAs and protein muscle synthesis: Leucine Info Source Leucine Raises IGF-1: on Leucine: 5 servings of soy raises IGF-1 Study: Greger's Comment on Soy Limit: Horrible Breast Cancer Xenograft Leucine Study: mTOR and aging: Vegan protein levels higher than meat eaters:
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