Rise of the Supertelescopes Part 1 - Ground Telescopes

Astronomy is about to get much much more exciting, with a whole new class of enormous telescopes developed on Earth and in space. How much more powerful? What will we be able to see?

Based on this web series from Evan Gough:

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I like to say that we’re in the golden age of astronomy, learning things about the Universe with a level of precision and resolution that previous generations of astronomers could only dream about. Imagine if you could show Galileo Galilei or Copernicus images from the Hubble Space Telescope, or the mighty Keck Observatory.

They would blow their minds.

But I really think the true golden age of astronomy is right around the corner. That’s because there’s a whole new class of observatories in the works right now which are going to take us right out to the edge of the Universe in ways that would have seemed impossible decades ago.

In the land of telescopes, bigger is better, and the big telescopes are coming.

Today we’re going to begin a two-part series of episodes all about the new supertelescopes under construction. In this first episode, I’ll talk about the enormous ground telescopes in development, and then next episode, I’ll talk about the space-based telescopes in the works.

I’d like to thank Universe Today columnist Evan Gough for writing our original series on the upcoming supertelescopes. This video is based heavily on Evan’s work, so… thanks Evan!

Let’s get started.