Air Compressor from Cooler DIY. How to make a membrane air pump

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http://ali.pub/2dpzal - Air pump for aquariums.
Membrane #air #compressor with your hands from a computer cooler. #airpump at home. Can be used for an #aquarium.

HOW TO MAKE an elastic #SILICONE #MEMBRANE (#gasket) I showed here: https://youtu.be/4-t5pCPfOm0

I RECOMMEND TO USE A NORMAL ENGINE. The cooler has a small torque and sometimes there is not enough force to push the air at great depth. The maximum result, which reached about 10-12 cm. Interesting feature: the lower the rotation speed, the better the valves open and the more air is supplied. That is, in this case, not the speed of rotation, but the force on the motor shaft is important. It is necessary to correctly adjust the distance between the pump housing and the motor. The speed and noise level depend on this.

Fan (cooler) from the computer - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/176wv1
Or another motor - http://ali.pub/176ywq
Bolt from the computer (+ washer + nut) - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/176s5a)
Switch - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/176z4b
Power supply connector - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/176t3b
PVC tube - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/1774dw
Paper clip - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/1773sw
Double-sided adhesive tape - http://ali.pub/1775vy
Adhesive tape - http://ali.pub/1775qi
Super Glue - http://ali.pub/1776a5
Power supply 12V - 1 pc. - http://ali.pub/1776q3
Plastic jar with lid - 1 pc.
Cap from deodorant - 1 pc.
Silicone membranes - 3 pcs.
Syringe - 1 pc.
A plastic card
PVC Corner

Drill or screwdriver - http://ali.pub/176vej
Drills for metal - http://ali.pub/176vmp
Ring saw (crown on wood) - http://ali.pub/176vvg
Sandpaper - http://ali.pub/176wfo
Scalpel - http://ali.pub/176wjd
Scissors - http://ali.pub/176wom
Side cutters (http://ali.pub/176v6k)
Wadded Wheels

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