TRAINS on Parade! Trona goes up and back in the desert!


Watch in HD! North of Los Angeles and northeast of Mojave, California, lies a time machine to an earlier time. In the remoteness of the northern Mojave, lies the shortest FRA regulated railroad in the country, the Trona Railway. Stretching 30.5 miles between Searles Valley Mineras' huge plant at Argus, California, to the interchange with the Union Pacific at Searles. The road rosters an eclectic collection of six axel EMD power, all SD40 variants, making it the only line in the greater Los Angeles area that regularly runs exclusively with second generation, six axel road units. Two different times over the last month, my father and I traveled out to Searles Valley to catch the Trona in action, braving both gale force wind (apologies for the sound distortion as my wind sock only works for winds under 30mph and gusts were nearing 70) and extreme heat (118 in the valley at its maximum) to bring you this video! Watch as classic armor yellow and scarlet and gray SD40's battle the grade in both directions, switching out the interchange at Searles and the plant at Argus, and even a pair of UP trains at the longest tunnel in the lower half of California! For more great photos and videos, visit http://www.z-trains.com, and be sure to subscrube to me here on YouTube!