1951 Nash Classic Car Video Ad

Are you selling your classic car and want to give it the spotlight it deserves? www.classiccarvideoads.com create dynamic and colorful video advertisements designed to draw attention and help sell your car for top dollar in today's market.
We combine up to 20 photos of your car, along with images of original sales literature, vintage photos, and period music, creating a nostalgic, three minute sales presentation to get your car noticed by potential buyers. All videos are posted to our youtube channel and www.classiccarvideoads.com

In many cases, buyers are looking for a particular car that reminds them of a special time in their lives or an emotional connection from their past. Maybe it's the car that Dad drove when they were a kid or the car they owned in high school (or dreamed of owning but couldn't afford until now). Maybe it's a car from their favorite era or even the year they were born. Internet and print auto classifieds can be effective, however, static images don't pull the same emotional triggers as nostalgic images and music. Our ads help sell the fantasy of owning a vintage automobile and going back in time.

Our classic car video ads are a great addition to your existing car listings and a unique way to get potential buyers excited about your car. Instead of attaching and emailing tons of high resolution photos to every "tire kicker" who wants to see more, simply send them a link to your video and wait for them to come back to learn more.

At only $29, our video ads are an affordable and fun way to get your car sold fast. You supply the pictures of your car and the rest is up to us! Videos are typically ready and posted in less than 48 hours. Order your classic car video today and draw more attention to your classic ride!