Her Crystal Tears - GLMM♡

I don’t rlly like this but I tried lol…. I HATEE copyright so much this video got copyrighted like 5 times smh. I swear if this doesn’t upload I’m going to give up. Credits to the amazing queen for singing lovely and better off! Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/afcglm22 go show love ♡ ( I just high pitched some parts lol) and I have SO MANYY video ideas to do I just don’t know when to edit etc.. so much to do I just can’t keep up I hope u guys understand! Thank u for ur love n patience and WOW 40k im.. shook.. I love YOU ♡
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intro and outro song: airplane mode;
people are going to hate on me regardless lol do u boo but thank ya for your view ;)
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