The Ultimate iOS Setup To Ditch Your Macbook!

If you guys want to see the apps I use to go along with the ultimate Apple iOS setup to ditch your Macbook make sure to subscribe! I can put together the ultimate apps that will allow you to go completely mobile. So far the Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone X, iPad Pro 10.5", and all of the accessories have been incredible to use. Plex Sign-up (free account): Plex Pass Subscription: Grab Your PaperLike HERE: Get Your Colorware Skin HERE: Meem Cable - Logitech Slim Combo - Apple Pencil - iPad Pro 10.5" - Lightning SD Card Reader - Lightning HDMI - Logitech Spotlight - Airpods - Get My Music HERE: ****************************************­­­********************* Help support my channel by using the links below! **B&H Affiliate Link** **My KIT** *********************Stay Connected************************ For early access to videos, direct line of communication, updates, and news regarding content make sure you hit me up at the links below! Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Pintrest: LinkedIn:
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