THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND DUMPSTER DIVING AT 3 DIFFERENT STORES My wife and I went dumpster diving at Gamestop Barnes & Noble and Party City Contact us: Our Website: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Email us: P.O. Box 691 Temecula, CA 92593 Affiliate Links for things we love and use: Resale Killers Merch Shirt Designed by Nic Hills: Dumpster Diver Grabber Stick Master Lock Personal Safe (for Swap Meets & Flea Markets) Hot Wire Foam Cutter (Woodland Scenics) ($33) Hot Knife Foam Cutter with Engraving Tip! (looks cool and cheaper!) ($23) Universal AC Adapter 5v to 12v 300mA Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish 21 oz 100 piece Screwdriver set (with Tamper proof tips) Plastic Razor Blades Scotty Peelers Saga 86 lb Digital Postal Scale WeighMax Industrial Postal Scale 330lbs 5 Second Fix (generic for Bondic) Bondic (generic is fine!) Box Resizer Package Opener (got ours at the dollar store) Tape machine Better Pack 333 (look locally!) Steph's favorite Deodorant Nivea Double Effect Resale Killers Box Cutter with Scoring Wheel Email us at and we'll send you one if we have any on hand for $20 shipped within the USA or click ALL box slicer $$ will go charity! Ronald McDonald House in Portland because they ROCK and they saved our cousin 'Little Steph' who had Leukemia and survived and was cured in 2017 thanks to them!
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