Celebrity Crush || GLMM || {read desc}

Hey guys, so basically what this mini movie is talking about is that the blonde girl (Kim) is a famous singer, she has a best friend named Mars that has been her friend since her childhood but Mars had to move to another city, they meet again and they want to know each other more since they didnt have the chance when they were kids, thats why she never knew she had a brother. The black haired boy (Reed) is also a celebirty in disguise, he's in disguise cause, he wanted to be like other typical person. So he meets his bestfriend Miles, he is a bad boy, somehow he managed to make Reed like himself, oh and his sister never knew he was "Cash Baker", anyways Mars's bestfriend (Luna) didn't ditch her for fame, but ditched her for her brother, that's why mars doesn't like her brother so much. Luna told Reed she needed a break, cause she was cheating on him with some other guy for money ;-; Reed gets sad, and angry at the same time so he asks kim to be his fake girlfriend.When they kissed in front of Luna, she was really mad! But she didn't show it, so she won't be seen as a weak person, after what happened Reed and Kim started hanging out a lot, they also started having feelings for each other, but Reed still wanted Luna back, so kim wrote that song in the day of the talent show and sang it, turns out that Reed (Cash) felt the same way. That's it I guess. ENJOY!
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