The Killer Clown (An Old No Budget Amateur iMovie Film Made When I Was 15)

Want more new horror / thriller films? Then please check out our newest short thriller horror movie Condemned: Hope you guys will like it. This is our new short bloody horror movie, the Killer Clown. It has a very low budget and it's made with iMovie and Gun Movie FX. The death / murder / killing scenes contains: A knife stab in the neck, a beating to death with a baseball bat and a murder with gunshots. It is spoken in Dutch and subtitled in English. This is a mini scary movie about a boy who is stalked by a mysterious / creepy clown. In the end, when he comes back home from football, he finds out that both of his parents are suddenly gone... Maybe this clown has something to do with it. While he is looking for his parents, he'll come across his worst nightmare. With special thanks and shout out to this people, for having me able to use these awesome soundtracks: Hope you enjoy!
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