DISNEYLAND Dapper Day! I never expected this twist...

Disneyland! Dapper Day! What could go wrong? Today's dapper day. I've been to every dapper day for quite a while, and I couldn't stay away this time either! After the last dapper day ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy7rm6sHPPE ) I wasn't sure I even wanted to film, but halfway through the day I changed my mind. So quick, we have to get some shoes and make our way to Disneyland for the ever expanding Dapper Day Expo! Time to put on your nattiest clothes, or deck yourself out in vintage duds, and head on down to the happiest place on earth!

Also! Ride through The Haunted Mansion Holiday with Jack and now Sally! The nightmare before Christmas has never been so fun! And then of course we go inside HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN before it disappears again! Disneyland is looking quite dapper!

Seems like a perfect day... but wait... what in the........