Worlds largest steam locomotive is back! Big Boy 4014 hits the main line

They said it couldn't be done. It was too heavy, too long, it burned too much fuel, and would cost too much to restore. But they were wrong. Union Pacific, Big Boy #4014, now holds the title of the Worlds largest operating steam locomotive. This locomotive underwent a frame up rebuild and is now better than new. This was a big day for the #4014. It was the first time it was taken out of the yard and onto the main line. Since this was a break in run the locomotive is not working very much at all. Just a bit of throttle to keep the pistons lubricated. The locomotive made frequent stops to check bearings and rods for overheating. As expected there was some minor issues including leaking packing from both front cylinder rods. However this is a fairly easy fix. No major problems were reported. We see the locomotive leave the East end of the Cheyenne yard as a freight train passes. Then the locomotive stops at the West end of the yard to lubricated the side rods. Then it leaves Cheyenne and makes another stop near Speer, Wyoming. The darkness did not deter many rail fans as there was a large gathering at Carr, Colorado where the locomotive stopped for inspection and lubrication. There was a train in the siding that lit up the Big Boy with it's lights, and many cars turned on their lights as well. Running hours late and arriving at Nunn, Colorado at nearly 11:00 PM. The crew dedicated they have had enough for the day, and scrap plans for running to Greely, Colorado. They pull into a siding where several trains pass the Big Boy, and then head back to Cheyenne.
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