LiFi - How every LED light could connect you to the Internet | Nikola Serafimovski | TEDxBucharest

Nikola Serafimovski challenges us to think #aheadoftime, and imagine a world where the internet is available through every LED light in the world. What happens when the Internet of Things becomes a reality and all the information providers become interconnected? What if light and internet will start using the same channels? Could we provide communication through the same means by which we create electricity? Through his work, we catch a glimpse of the future through LiFi devices, which already use light to transmit wireless internet as we move through our world. In the future, any source of light, even dimmed ones in our home, will become sources of access to the Internet. LiFi is a reality today for the enterprise market and will soon be available to consumers, allowing the entire world to be connected by light. Nikola worked with major companies in the area of Li-Fi technology and commercialization, leading the creation and cultivation of the Li-Fi ecosystem, marketing, sales and standardization. His experience with T-Mobile and T-Home in Macedonia focused on mobile network deployment and analysis as well as database app development. Nikola worked for the UK-China Science Bridges project to successfully demonstrate the world’s first practical implementation of the Spatial Modulation MIMO concept. He received a BSc in electrical engineering and computer science and an MSc in communications, system and electronics, both from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Nikola earned his PhD in digital communications and signal processing from the University of Edinburgh. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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