My Virtual Reality // Gacha Life Mini Movie

This took me like 40 minutes to figure out how to post this lmao. Sorry for the cliffhanger ;-; I was trying so hard to finish this mini movie that I ran out of ideas and needed something to post. Again, truly sorry but I’ll make this into a series just so you don’t have to spend one month waiting for my lazy ass to make a part 2. Also sorry if this was cringy lol. This was full of mistakes ;—; but anyway...I hope you all enjoyed whatever this mini movie was :3 and as always have a wonderful day uwu

Love you all ~💗Gibble

Apps used:
Gacha Life

Cute cute Pro (Idk why I use it for making thumbnails but I just do lol)

Time: I don’t remember I was so lazy it took me probably a month to finish XD
Screenshots: 600-700 (I think)
Background music: https://youtu.be/Pi15uaLENj8

Audio is not mine it goes to its respectful owners