How to make a fire pit from a rusty old truck wheel with a $100 eBay stick welder

I have been using a truck wheel sitting on bricks as a fire pit for a while and decided legs would be better and a grate would stop the wood falling through. This was also a chance to practice and maybe improve my terrible arc welding. I use this firepit to burn pallet offcuts and thicker branches and look at while drinking lemon squash, I have a larger burn barrel for burning green leafy awkward garden waste. 0:00 the wheel 0:07 measuring and marking leg length 0:15 cutting legs 0:30 deburring legs 0:44 marking leg position and cleaning metal to be welded 1:04 making jig to hold legs in position 2:34 welding leg to wheel 3:14 cutting leg ends parallel with ground 3:46 cutting pipe for feet 4:03 deburring pipe for feet 4:16 marking cut lines to cut pipe for feet in half axially 4:39 cutting pipe in half for feet 5:01 hammering half pipes flat for feet 5:40 marking cut lines on feet 6:29 cutting feet to shape 6:38 sanding feet to shape 6:48 welding feet to legs 7:30 feet attached 7:34 making cardboard templates for hole filler pieces 7:55 marking pipe for filler pieces 8:10 cutting pipe to length for filler pieces 8:30 deburring pipe for filler pieces 8:47 cutting pipe for filler pieces 9:31 unrolling cut pipe for filler pieces 9:46 hammering unrolled pipe flat for filler pieces 10:24 marking cut lines for filler pieces 10:42 cutting out filler pieces 11:09 deburring filler pieces 11:26 fitting filler piece for valve stem hole 11:30 hammering curves into filler pieces for wheel holes 11:43 welding filler pieces in place 11:32 drafting grate pattern 12:59 cutting grate sections 13:24 deburring grate sections 13:46 welding grate into base of wheel 14:35 finished pire pit 14:46 installing a fire 14:55 burning fast Wheel is off an old Bedford truck, 50mm ~5mm wall (2" SCH 80?)pipe came from a free curbside badly built workbench, 12mm (1/2") rebar came from a parking lot. Welding rods are some 2mm general purpose ones which didn't work very well for attaching the legs to the wheel and then 3.2mm 6013 rods for the rest which were much easier to use. Tools in order of appearance are: rafter/framing square speed square permanent marker 355mm /14" cut off saw bench sander with wire wheel 115mm/4.5" angle grinder with rust/paint strip disc quick clamps 600mm ruler HB pencil handsaw brad nailer claw hammer pliers ebay Inverter arc welder flux chipping hammer wire brush 115mm/4.5 inch angle grinder with thin cutting disc mounted to flat cutting jig made out of formply (film faced plywood) centre finder (made out of two speed squares, a piece of wood and a quick clamp) F clamp "Anvil" 4 pound sledgehammer vice grip locking pliers tin snips ILO scissors 100mm/4" bench vice shifting spanner/monkey wrench/nut rounder Prybar short piece of railway line 2D CAD program Printer dolly made from office chair wheels and scrap wood
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