GoPro Hero (2018) Beginners Guide | Getting Started

For those who have just purchased the new GoPro Hero 2018 I have put this complete beginners Guide to help you get you up and running quickly and learn all the basics on how to get started shooting great content. We cover all aspects of the new GoPro Hero (2018) including: -Unpacking The Hero (2018) -Installing The Battery & Memory -Charging The GoPro Hero -Mounting System for the GoPro Hero -Powering On and Initial Setup -Shooting Modes of the GoPro Hero 2018 -Menu and Layout of Settings -How To Shoot Videos and Photos -How To Shoot Bursts and Time-Lapses -Must Have Gear for First Time GoPro Owners Recommended gear for the GoPro Hero (2018) GoPro Hero 2018 (USA) GoPro Hero 2018 (CAN) Lexar 32 GB Memory Card (USA) Lexar 32 GB Memory Card (CAN) GoPro Camera Case (USA) GoPro Camera Case (CAN) GoPro Shorty (USA) GoPro Shorty (CAN) GoPro Floating Handle (USA) GoPro Floating Handle (CAN) GoPro Dual Charger (USA) GoPro Dual Charger (CAN) Manfrotto Extension Pole (USA) Manfrotto Extension Pole (CAN) RAVPower Power Bank (USA) RAVPower Power Bank (CAN) GoPro Handlebar Mount (USA) GoPro Handlebar Mount (CAN) Social Media Website: Facebook: Instagram: Music Credit: Morning Walk
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