Spotify vs YouTube Music | Which app is best?

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the best music streaming apps for Android and iPhone in 2018/2019, offering a feature-packed premium service for downloading albums, streaming video, podcasts and beyond. Here we compare the paid Spotify and YouTube Music services, to see which is best for your iOS or Android smartphone.

Both premium models allow you to download tunes for offline playback, although Spotify caps this at 10k songs per device - while YouTube Music has no limit. You can create and share playlists, discover new artists and browse the charts with either app. And Spotify and YouTube both have a desktop version too, as well as the mobile service.

Here in the UK, you can pay £10 per month for the premium features, or enjoy a basic version for free. You can also get YouTube Music as part of the YouTube Premium service, which costs £12 per month.

Which is your favourite music streaming service as we head into 2019 - Spotify or YouTube? Let us know which you think is best in the comments below, and what features you love the most.