PBS Documentary - The 1950s - Segment 3 of 3

PBS Documentary - The 1950s - Segment 3 of 3

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Dust off those saddle shoes, take that poodle skirt out of the trunk and get ready to stroll down memory lane.

Living History the 1950s takes a unique look at life in the Lehigh Valley during this incredibly diverse decade… through the eyes of those who saw it all. From a nostalgic recollection of what made Hess’s Department Store the place to shop in style, to heart wrenching memories of life and death in the Forgotten War, Living History is a documentary with a personal touch.

Ever wonder what an iron lung sounded like? You’ll hear from a nurse who worked on a polio ward at a local hospital.And you’ll meet a woman who battled this crippling disease and won. You’ll hear the roar o the crowd on Thanksgiving Day when high school football was the name of the game. And you’ll listen to the new song school children learned before they ducked under their desks and covered their heads. And you’ll see the flood waters rise in Easton in 1955.

Living History takes us back to a prosperous time when local industries flourished, and for many, the American Dream was achievable. From Bethlehem Steel to Mack Trucks and Western Electric it was the golden age of the industrial worker. But through the eyes of one woman, Living History poignantly reminds us of a troubling time when segregation reared its ugly head here in the Lehigh Valley.

We’ll hear how a radio announcer in the Lehigh Valley launched the first open mike call-in show in the country; how television entered our living rooms and gave us pictures as well as sound. Do you remember your first television set?

And who can forget the music. We’ll shake, rattle and roll at Castle Garden when Annette, Paul, and Fabian were there. We’ll meet those who rocked and rolled to anew sound and a new beat; when American Bandstand gave us the top tunes and all the new dances."